Abortion --
Abortion, the Christian and the State --Dec_1985/ Jan-86
American Medical Association: Policy on Abortion--Oct_1980
Calvin on Abortion-- June 1984

Eagles, Beagles and Babies --Feb_1978
Murder Of the Innocents --July 2_1977
101 Uses for A Dead or Alive Baby (Olga Fairfax) --May_1984
"Would You Consider Aborticide In the Following Four Situations?"--T.D.F, Jr. --Dec_1997
Did You Know (Abortion Statistics) –Apr/May/June 2001
Accident, a Traffic---June 1987
Accreditation: The Standard of Excellence? --June 1988
Adultery --Spiritual Adultery: What It Is, How It Is Cured--March 1984
Advice -Consider From Whom You Take, --March 1994
“The Angelus”- --March 1985
June_2 1977
Anniversary Edition--20 Years --March 1994
"Agnostic", The --July 1989
Strong Drink –by Robert Baker –Jan-March 2001
Is Wine Healthy? –By Joey Faust –Apr/May/June 2001
He has a hole under his nose –by C.H. Spurgeon –July/Aug/Sept 2002
Poems: "Beer is Famous" by Evangelist Harold S. Leake --May 1995
“Beer Belongs” –July/Aug/Sept 2002
“Birds of a Feather” –July/Aug/Sept 2002
Psalm 58 and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome –by Andrea Fellows–July/Aug/Sept 2002
Antimony, Taken from "Journey Magazine" December12, Vol. II, Issue 12 --February 1998
America Is Expendable --November 1992
Why America is not healed: or Sins That Evoke National Judgment --July 1994
The 1960’s: America's Chronicle of Shame --Aug/Sept 1994
America Under Judgment --February 1996
Indianapolis Baptist Temple, The Federal Government, and the average professing saint. By T.D.F., Jr. –Jan-March 2001
America, a Christian Nation: by Supreme Court Justice David J. Brewer. --July/Aug/Sept 2001
Quotes by and about America’s founders –July/Aug/Sept 2001
The Americans who risked everything (signers of the Declaration of Independence. --July/Aug/Sept 2001
God is Angry --July/Aug/Sept 2001
Letter to the editor of the Augusta Chronicle regarding the September 11th tragedy. --T.D.F. , Jr. July/Aug/Sept2001
Angelus-The significance for the name-- March-1975
Antichrist --The Kingdom of Antichrist (on Social Security) --Sept/Oct 1986
Apollyon --Nov/Dec 1986
Days of --June 1993
Testimony of an Apostate –Poem by Frank Fellows –Apr/May/June 2000
Atheism --(Madelyn Murray O'Hare on banning Religion in the Media, and on banning the National motto)April_2- 1979
Atonement --
Part One --November 1990
Part Two --December 1990
Part Three --January 1991
Part Four --March 1991
Part Five --April/May 1991
Augustine --
Part I --April 1976
II --May 1976
III--May_2 1976
IV --June 1976
V--His Influence --June_2 1976
VI --vs. Pelagius --
1st --July 1976
2nd --July_2 1976
3rd--August 1976
VII--Cassian and Semi-Pelagianism --
1st--September 1976
2nd--September_2 1976
3rd--October 1976
4th--November_2 1976