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VOL. II No. 1
March, 1975

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"The Angelus"

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The "Angelus", pronounced "An-jell-us", is the name of a famous painting by Millet part of which is reproduced in this heading. It depicts a farmer and his wife pausing to pray in their field. The reason for the name "The Angelus" is that in Roman Catholic countries, that is the name of a prayer to be uttered three times a day: once a 6:00 in the morning, once at noon, and the last at 6:00 in the evening. "Angelus" is the first word of the prayer and is based upon the text of Scripture, "And the angel came unto Mary and said unto her.... "

People in these countries were reminded to say their prayers by the tolling of the Angelus bell. Usually the largest Roman Catholic Church in a given city has such a bell.

In summary, the Angelus Bell tolled three times a day calling the people to stop wherever they were to repeat the Angelus Prayer. All is pictured in a painting by Millet called, The Angelus.

It is in this spirit that we have adopted the name, THE ANGELUS. "May it be a Bell calling the people of God to prayer, and the Dead in Sins to awake and arise."

At the dawn of every morning

With the day unmarred by care

Forth unto the Garden fragrant,

Wait upon thy God in prayer.

Onward as the day progresses,

Ere the noonday slips away

Pause amid lifeís busy labors

Friend, remember well to pray!

When the dayís relentless battle

Ends, and sunset rays we trace

Let not shadows haunt the spirit

Bow and plead the Saviourís Grace.

Sleepless, midway in nightís tunnel

Fear not cares and griefís galore;

ĎTwas King Davidís steadfast purpose

Godís nocturnal praise to pour.

When the Hebrew prophet Daniel

Knew the kingís decree was signed,

Windows wide three times he opened

Called upon the Lord Divine.

ĎMid Gethsemaneís dark shadows

Jesus knelt in ardent prayer

Seeking strength and consolation

To go forth the cross to bear.

When lifeís woes converge upon you

And your courage ebbs away

Heed the Lordís divine injunction

That "Men ought always to pray."

-Rev. Frank Fellows-


from a poem entitled ANGELUS based upon the text "Men ought always to pray."--Luke 18:1.



1, 1854--James Hudson Taylor arrives by ship at Woosung, China.

2, 1791--At twenty minutes before 10:00 on this Wednesday morning, John Wesley dies. His followers are dubbed "Methodists" and number in the thousands. As lasting fruits of this great revival England will abolish the slave trade two generations before the United States, and because England has turned from her sins to God, she will be spared from the effects of the French Revolution.

4, 1675--John Bunyan is again arrested for preaching Godís Word. He is to spend six more years in jail for his horrid crime. During this imprisonment, he will write his most famous book, THE PILGRIMíS PROGRESS.

12, 1856--Dwight Lyman Moody is led to Christ by his Sunday school teacher, Edward Kimball.

*13, ---: This is the 601st year in the life of Noah, and today the cover is removed from the ark. The ground is dry. --(Gen. 8:15)

*13, 1444 B.C.--The Tabernacle is set up in the wilderness.-ó(Exodus 40:17). Now God will "tabernacle" or "dwell among" His chosen nation.

*13,---: This is the first day of Abib, called "Nisan" after the Babylonian Captivity, (Esther 3:7), and is the first month in the Jewish calendar year. --(Exodus 12:2)

*13,....: Ezra leaves Babylon for Jerusalem.--(Ezra 7:9).

18,1861-- At 7:OO this Monday morning, Charles Spurgeon conducted a prayer meeting. This is the first service held in the Metropolitan Tabernacle.

21,1556--Archbishop Thomas Cranmer, bound to a stake, is burned alive. His crime: the faithful preaching of the Word of God.

Ashamed of his having been tricked into signing a recantation of his beliefs, he holds his right hand in the flames that have been kindled about his body. He can be heard to utter, "Unworthy right hand, unworthy right hand." It will be a charred to cinder before his body is singed.

*Jewish days may be as much as two weeks off due to the variance in the Jewish calendar.

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