Tattoo --Jewels For Ghouls --Feb. 94
Taxes --Just Taxation --Oct. 90
Tears, What has become of our Tears? --Mar. 93
Television --TDF, Jr. --Oct. -Dec. 99
How To Live Amid The Heathen --Oct. 89
When Matthew Henry Was Robbed --Nov. 89
Theater --on the Theater --Feb. 1984
Theology --
What Is Your Theology? --Sept_2 1975
Of Dominion Theology --Apr. 88
Bishop Tutu's Theology. -June 87
The Sleep of the Dead, or The Theory of Soul Sleep --May 89
The Identity Movement- False Apostles --Oct. 87
The Security of the Believer --Sept./Oct. 92
The Sins of the Tongue --
Part I --Mar. 1976
II --Mar_2 1976
The Irreparable Harm of Running Down Others
--Apr. 94

Temper --The Christian's Temper --Nov_2 1975
Temptation - -
Combating Fiery Darts --Mar. 1984
On Capturing Our Thoughts --Oct. 1984
The Faithfulness of God Evidenced in Time of Temptation --Jul. 1984
A Tribute (on the Death of Jim Murdock) --Jul./Aug../Sept.1985
Trinity --The Divinity of Christ --Sept. 1981
Truth --
The Offence of Truth --Jul. 1978
The Consequences of Rejecting Truth --Oct. 1982
The Scholarship of Truth --Aug. 89 / Sept. 97 and Oct.97