Gain, and Godliness --Feb. 93
“Gap”-The Theory --Apr. 89
Gift --A Gift for The Man of God -.July 94
Giving --
The Christian And His Purse --
Part I --Jun_2_1979
II --Jul. 1979
III--Jul_2_ 1979
Christian Giving --Jan. 1979
The Gift of Giving --Feb. 1984
The True Mettle of Giving (Guest)
--Dec. 1980 / Mar. 1986
Eternal Prosperity --Dec. 1981
"Has God Ever Taught You?"
--Mar. 1982 / Mar. 1986
A Gift for the Man of God --Jul./Aug./Sept. 1985
"Let Me Tell You About a Man" (Whitefields) --May_2_1978

Church Acts Wisely --Mar. 1985
An Epitaph (on Samuel Butler) --Jun. 1982
"God Is Great; God Is Good" --Jan.81
God: Transcendent and Ineffable --Jan. 1987
Jehovah --Apr. 1981
Sovereignty --"My Times Are In Thy Hands" --Jul. 1986
Attributes –
The Holiness of God --
Part I --Dec. 1975
II --Dec_2_1975
The Faithfulness of God --
Part I --Feb. 1976
II --Feb_2_1976
The Faithfulness of God Evidenced in Time of Temptation -Jul. 1984
The Love of God --Apr. 1974
The Ineffable Love of God --May 1983
"Smile: God Loves You" –A Theological Absurdity --Feb. 1977
The Justice of God --Nov. 1985
God Is Angry --May 1984 / Jul.-Sep. 2001
The Fear of God --Aug. 1982
The Miracle of the Incarnation --Jun. 1984
The Nature of the Kingdom of God --Jan. 1984
The God of Our Fathers --July 90
Godliness --"Externals" --Sept. 1982
Gospel --
The False, and The True --Mar. 87
The Gospel, and Politics --May 88
The “Permissive” Will of God --A Popular But Fallacious
Notion --Feb. 90
How Can You Escape the Damnation of Hell? --Nov./Dec. 91
Help For Seekers of Christ --Feb. 92
Confession. And The Forgiveness of Sins --Apr. 92
True Religion --Dec. 92
The Confessions of A Saint, or Evidences of Salvation--July/Aug. 93
What It Is "To Believe" --Oct. 94
Government --
A Biblical View of Government --Jul_2_1978
The State Vs. The Church --Feb. 1979
"In God We Trust" --Apr. 1981
"For This Cause Pay Ye Tribute" --Jun. 1984
"Every Ordinance of Man" --Feb. 1987
The Kingdom of Antichrist (on Social Security) --Sept./Oct. 1986
God Banned From U.S. Army --Mar. 1980
Church Service Halted; Pastor and 3 Others Arrested
in Mississippi --Apr. 1980
HEW Seeks to Supervise Husband and Wife Relationships --Jan. 1980
The IRS Has Done It Again --Feb_2_1979
How To Start An Unregistered Church --May 1985

The Understood Intent of The First Amendment --Oct. 94
Should Government Be Left In The Hands Of The Most
Intelligent People? --Oct. 94
Gun Control --Apr. 1986