Latimer, Hugh--Oct. 1974
Laugh, A Time To –By TDF, Jr. –Apr./May/Jun. 2001
Law -- Jun. 1986
(T. Robert Ingram on) --Jun._2_1977
Leadership, on, -July 94
Lee, Robert E. --Jan_2_1978
Letters –
Law –A Letter to Editor Augusta to Chronicle-Herald,
--Jan. 90
A Letter to Robert Whitelaw --July 91 / Aug. 91
A Letter to the Honorable Zell Miller (Atlanta, Ga.
-- Governor), --Dec. 92
In Speaking of One Who Is Without Christ --Mar. 94
To SS, A Dear Charismatic Friend. -Mar. 94
Capital City/ABC Inc. Charles Gibson --(Equated
"Homosexuality" with Normalcy) --May. 94
Ron Trowbridge, VP, Hillsdale College to John Robbins
Of “The Trinity Review" --July 95
“Now for a Quick Response ... that Promise Keepers... " --Dec. 95 (Frank Hutto)
ECT: Evangelicals and Catholics Together --An Up-date --Bill Jackson --Dec. 95
Ralph Reed, Christian Coalition --Concerned by the Liaison with the Roman Catholic Church --Feb. 96
"O, Timothy" A Response To Dr. James Crumpton
--May 96 / June 96
A Letter Written on Christmas Eve to Two open Audience Computer Symposiums --TDF, Jr. --Feb.98
Liberalism –
Liberalism: Its consequences And Its Answer --Feb. 1981

"Dogs”, among the Southern Baptists --Aug. 1981
Theological Outlaws --Apr. 1982
Higher Criticism: The Great Scandal in Fundamentalism --June 94
Observations on the Toronto B1essing, and Promise
Keepers --July 95
Promise Keepers --Dec. 95
ECT: Evangelicals, and Catholics --Dec. 95
Neo-Orthodox Words Permeating the Vocabulary of "Fighting Fundamentalists”--TDF, Jr. --Oct. 97
Liberal Waders by TDF, Jr. -, July-Sept. 99
Liberty --Personal Freedom --Nov./Dec. 1986
Lord --"For His Name's Sake" --Jan. 1986
“Lord and, Savior”: A Study --July 88
Lordship --
The Lordship of Christ --Jul. 1983
"Lord, What Wilt Thou Have Me To Do?" --Mar. 1985
Love --of God
Apr. 1974
“Smile: God Loves You" --A Theological Absurdity --Feb. 1977 (Cartoon Jul./Aug./Sep. 2000)
The Ineffable Love of God --May 1983
Luther, Martin --
Before the Augustinian Convent --Jun. 1978
Luther and His Horse --Jul._2_1974
"Who Knows If God Has Not Chosen Me." --May 1978
Lying --"Thou Shalt not Bear False Witness" --A Look At Situation Ethics --July 89