VOL. VII, No. 4 
OCTOBER 1, 1980


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American Medical Association: Policy on Abortion

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*Matthew Poole, the English Non-conformist

*Jonathan Edward's birth

* New England Thanksgiving

* Mobutism



Six months ago we shared with you how a "friend" maliciously reported us to the Family and Children’s Services on account of a one day fast we imposed upon our family. A representative from the government agency paid us two visits and declared all was in order. Since that time, however, a desperate situation has occurred between a husband and his unprincipled estranged wife who is attempting to tear his children from him, after the courts awarded them to him. It is likely it was his wife who after having deserted her family has also recently reported the man to the Family and Children’s Services in an attempt to deprive him of his children.

When the man was ordered by the government agency to obtain two references he used our name as one of his references since he at one time served as deacon at the church I pastored. He was summarily told he could not use our name as one who could vouch for him.

May God have mercy upon him who maliciously slandered us and who may be said to be responsible for all consequences of his actions.

May God have mercy upon this man and strengthen him and to preserve him and his family.

May God have mercy upon this wife and bring her to repentance before she dies in her sins.

And may God have mercy to spare the people of this Republic from becoming tyrannized by officials of the State.

(Prov. vii.) 7,6.

Ere God had built the mountains,

Or raised the fruitful hills;

Before He fill’d the fountains

That feed the running rills;

In Thee, from everlasting,

The wonderful I AM

Found pleasures never wasting,

And Wisdom is Thy name.

When like a tent to dwell in.

He spread the skies abroad,

And swathed about the swelling

Of ocean’s mighty flood,

He wrought, by weight and measure;

And Thou wast with Him then:

Thyself the Father’s pleasure,

And Thine, the sons of men.

And couldst Thou be delighted

With creatures such as we.

Who, when we saw Thee, slighted

And nail’d Thee to a tree?

Unfathomable wonder!

And mystery divine!

The voice that speaks in thunder

Says, "Sinner, I am thine!"

--From Greenland’s Icy Mountain



American Medical Association


What Is Abortion?

1859- "The slaughter of countless children; no mere misdemeanor, no attempt upon the life of the mother but the wanton and murderous destruction of her child; such unwarrantable destruction of human life."

1871 - "The work of destruction; the wholesale destruction of unborn infants."

1967-"The interruption of an unwanted pregnancy."

1970 - "A medical procedure."

Who Should Perform Abortion?

1871 - "It will be unlawful and unprofessional for any physician to induce abortion or pre-mature labor...and then always with a view to the safety of the child--if that is possible."

1970- "Abortion should be performed only by a duly licensed physician and surgeon in an accredited hospital."

Who Are Physician Abortionists?

1871 - "Men who cling to a noble profession only to dishonor it; false brethren; educated assassins; these modern Herods; these men, who, with corrupt hearts and blood-stained hands, destroy what they cannot reinstate, corrupt souls, and destroy the fairest fabric that God has ever created...under the cloak of the medical profession; monsters of the iniquity."

1967 - "Conscientious practitioners performing therapeutic abortions for reasons other than those posing a threat to the life of the mother;

equally conscientious physicians who believe that all women should be masters of their own reproductive destinies and that the interruption of an unwanted pregnancy, no matter what the circumstances, should be

solely an individual matter between the patient and her doctor."

What Should Be Done To Physician Abortionists?

1871- "The members of the profession should shrink with horror from all intercourse with them, professionally or otherwise; these men should be marked as Cain was marked; they should be made the outcasts of society; it becomes the duty of every physician in the United States...to resort to every honorable and legal means in his power to crush out from among us this pest of society."

1970 - "They should be allowed to perform abortions as long as they are done in an accredited hospital acting only after consultation with two other physicians."

What Should The Ethics of Abortion Be?

1871- "Thou shalt not kill; this commandment is given to all and applies to all without exception; it matter* not at what stage of

development his victim may have arrived—it matters not how small or how apparently insignificant it may be-it is murder, a foul unprovoked murder, and its blood, like the blood of Abel, will cry from earth to heaven for vengeance."

1967-"The committee does not intend to raise the question of the rightness or wrongness of therapeutic abortion; this is a personal

and moral consideration which in all cases must be faced according to the dictates of the conscience of the patient and physician."

--Compiled by William Brennan, Ph.D. From: New Jersey Right to Life Winter Newsletter via Christian Action For Life, P.O. Box 98311, Atlanta, Ga. 30359.

"Awake, my soul,                                                      In joyful lays,                                                      And sing thy great                                              Redeemer’s praise;

He justly claims a song                                                 A song from me,                                                      His lovingkindness                                                    Is so free.

"Often I fell                                                         My sinful heart                                                    Prone from my Jesus                                                   To depart;

And though I oft                                                    Have Him forgot,                                                     His lovingkindness                                               Changes not.

-Samuel Medley-



2, 1679 --England. Matthew Poole, the English non-conformist who has written the Nullity of the Roman Faith, has fled to Holland when he narrowly escaped being waylaid one night in an alley. He happened to be with a friend when he met with two men who were waiting for him in the alley near his home. Though they left him alone, Mr. Poole overheard something of their conversation and afterwards declared to his friend, "I had been murdered tonight had not you been with me." Today, he dies in Amsterdam and it is generally suspected he has been poisoned.

5, 1703 --Connecticut. At Windsor, a son is born to Rev. and Mrs. Timothy Edwards. He is the 5th of eleven children, all the rest of whom will be daughters. He will be named Jonathan. "It pleased God," he will write, "to seize me with Pleurisy in which He brought me nigh to the grave, and shook me over the pit of Hell ... I was brought to seek salvation in a manner that I never was before. I felt a spirit to part with all things in the world for an interest in Christ ... I made seeking my salvation the main business of my life."

12, 1637 --New England. All New England unites in giving thanks to Almighty God for the recent overthrow of the hostile Pequod Indians.

14,1930 –Belgian Congo (Zaire). Joseph Desire Mobutu is born. Though he will be educated in Roman Catholic missionary schools, he will turn apostate when he proclaims himself President of the Congo.

in Roman Catholic missionary schools, he will turn apostate when he proclaims himself President of the Congo. He will seize Christian schools and replace religious instruction with "Mobutism", his political philosophy. Christian art is replaced with photographs of himself while his name replaces the name of our Lord in printed hymns.


Pilgrim’s Bible Church

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