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VOL. IV No. 23
February 1, 1978


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*Diary of Robert Murray M'Cheyne

* James Haldane's Ordination

* John Roger's Martyrdom

*William Carrey's New Testament Translation

* "The Glorious Revolution"

*Matthew Henry's wife dies




Text: "But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and the ground of the truth." –I Timothy 3:15

It is with the utmost amazement that I hear well-meaning saints speak triflingly of the local church. I am utterly taken back when I hear such hair-raising statements as; "We are reaching more people with the Gospel than the Church." The ultimate implication is that the Church is therefore a second-rate institution--a once tolerable organism, but now a dead dog, and might be dispensed with. This scandalous reasoning among the beloved of God is the mien of many who with sincere intentions seek to diligently labor among children, young people, and even college-aged young men and women.

Such organizations such as Young Life, Campus Crusade, The Navigators, etc. may deem it wise to circumvent the ministry of the local church; but I would kindly ask, "What other institutions has the Lord founded besides the Home and the Church?"

It is with the grievest of spirits that I survey the Spiritual "wrecks" often left by such organizations, and particularly among those dealing with high school aged young people as Young Life. Too often I find a Spiritual "wasteland" in the lives touched by such organizations. Often, there is no desire among these people to aligning themselves to a local assembly. Very often, they exhibit a "finicky" attitude towards the assembling of themselves together with other saints for the purpose of worshipping the Lord in the "beauty of holiness." Why would such people even want to go to Heaven where together they worship God day without night?

"Numerically, we are reaching more people with the Gospel than the local church." Come now, are we to walk by sight or by the obedience of faith? Christ is said to have purchased THE CHURCH with His own blood—that He "loved THE CHURCH and gave Himself for it." –Ephesians 5:25

I submit, that after instituting the Church, Christ equipped it with various offices, and that to these offices, He calls certain men—First, "for the Perfecting of the Saints," Second, "for the work of the ministry;" and Third, "for the edifying of the body of Christ."

I submit, as well, the Church is in Vogue "till we all come in the unity of the faith;" "and of the knowledge of the Son of God;" and therefore, I submit that people who minimize what Christ Himself has instituted in order to set up their own organizations are sitting on a very Precarious Perch.

The Apostle Paul declares it to be the ministry of the church to see that we "henceforth no more children tossed to and from and carried about with every wind of doctrine by the sleight of men and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive." From this verse it is clear 1.) There are men who are cunning and crafty and who deliberately lie in wait to deceive others; and 2.) It is the Church which is the Pillar of the Truth of God. Therefore, when any person is carried about with every wind of doctrine because he fails to align himself in the institution of Christ established to prevent their spiritual demise—I grieve—but "what more can He say than to you He hath said?"

The Church is the Ground of Truth whereon if a man stand, he shall be safe from the pestilential noise of men.

Scriptures: Ephesians 4:11-14; see: Hebrews 10:25

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DON’T STEAL AN EAGLE EGG. If you do, it can cost you $5,000, or a year in jail, or both. Eagles are protected by Federal law against harm or harassment by the citizenry. The penalty for so much as stealing an egg from a nest has been stipulated by Congress.

DON’T GAS A BEAGLE. The United States Congress abhorred the idea of using dogs in any tests of chemical, biological or radioactive warfare materials. The amendment banishing use of appropriated funds for such purpose was overwhelmingly approved in the Senate and accepted by the House of Representatives.



Reprinted from Temple Times, and published by Calvary Temple in East Point, Georgia --Pastor Robert McCurry



2,1832 --"Not a trait worth remembering! and yet these four and twenty hours must be accounted for." --from the Diary of Robert Murray M’Cheyne

3,1799 --This Lord’s Day, James Haldane is ordained to the Gospel ministry. He has been asked four questions: 1.) As an unconverted ministry is allowed to be a great evil, will you, sir, be pleased to favor us with some account of the dealing of God with your soul? 2.) Will you inform us what are the circumstances and motives which have led you to preach the Gospel and to desire to engage in the work of the ministry? 3.) Will you favor us with your views of the leading truths of the Gospel? 4.) Will you explain your views and purposes respecting the duties and trials before you in the pastoral office?

In 1848, he will publish his Exposition of the Epistle to the Galatians; and later Exposition to the Hebrews.

4, 1555 --John Rogers, one of the great English reformers, goes to the stake to be burned, "as if he was walking to his wedding."

7, 1801 --William Carey completes his New Testament in Bengalee. It is the first of its kind and 2000 copies are printed along with 500 additional Gospels of Matthew.

13, 1689 --England. William, Prince of Orange, having driven out James II, who flees to France, is proclaimed joint monarch with Mary. Here in London, they have today assented to the Declaration of Rights included in which are -- 1.) Any claimant to the English throne who "shall profess the Popish religion, or shall marry a papist shall be excluded and be forever uncapable to inherit, possess or enjoy the crown and government of this realm and Ireland..." and 2.) Any future monarch must swear a "coronation oath" denying the principle doctrines of the Roman Catholic religion.

Nonconformists will hail this as the "Glorious Revolution", hailing it with gratitude to God, and often preaching commemorative sermons on November 5 --the day that William landed at Tor Bay.

14, 1689--Katherine Hardware, wife of Matthew Henry, dies of smallpox. She has been in childbed. The child will live. They have been married but a year and a half.


It was said of Paul Baynes, that he sought not great matters in the world, being taken up with comforts and griefs to which the world was a stranger.

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