I. The Origin of The "Races" --July 88
II. The Sons of Noah, and Their Settlements Aug. 88
III. The Contribution of The Sons of Ham: --Sept. 88
IV. The Sons of Ham In The O. T. --Oct. /Nov. /88
V. The Sons of Ham in the N. T. --Jan./Feb. 89
Reading --
On Reading (Richard Baxter) --NOV. 1977
Advice (Richard Baxter) --Oct_2 1977
Guide To the Value of a Book (R. Baxter) --Sept_2 1977
It Pays To Read --Mar_2 1974
On Reading and Writing --July 1982
How To Read the Bible --Dec. 1983
Rebellious --Dinah: The Record of A Rebellious Young Lady--May 94
Rebuke and How to Bear It --Jan. 1985
Red Clover --Feb. 95
Reformation Day --Oct_2 1974
Religion –
So It Is With Religion (Aesop) --Oct_2 1977
Cheap Religion --June. 1984
The Religion of Cain --Nov. 1983
Remembered, A Forgotten Man --Aug. 90
Repentance --
Part I --A Definition --Apr. 1976
II --The True and The False --Apr_2 1976
III--The Command to Repent --May 1976
IV --Why Men Do Not Repent --May_2 1976
V --Substitutions for Repentance --Jun_2 1976
VI – The Fruits of Repentance --Jul. 1976
An Earnest Call to Biblical Repentance --Jan. 1984
God Does Not Have To Grant Repentance -. Jan. 96
What Has Happened To Biblical Repentance? By William R. Tolp --Jan. 97
Have you fallen on your face? –Paul Payton –Jul./Aug./Sep. 2001
Reputation, On --July/Aug. 87
Respect --On The Respect For Authority --July 92
Revelation –
Progressive Revelation --Dec. 1974
Of Continuing Revelation --Sept. 89
"Reverend" --Apr. 1978
Ridley, Bishop --Oct. 1974
Righteousness – The Generation Pure In Their Own Eyes (on Self-Righteousness) --Jan. 1986
Rights --
Political Rights (Samuel Smiles on) --June 1986
"I Want My Rights” --Aug. 1975
Rome –
A Roman Miracle --Sept. 87
The Unchanged Heart of Rome --Aug. 95
Fundamentalists Roaming Catholic –by T.D.F, Jr. –Apr./May/Jun. 2000
Roman Catholicism --May 1985
The Resurrection of the Body --His and Ours --Jul. 1984