Babel: When Evil Men Seek Unity --October/November 1995
Why Not World Government? By William F. Jasper, (Copyright 1995 by The John Birch, Soc.)-- October/November 1995
Banking --
For Better or Worse: A History of Banking In the United States --
Part I --An Economic History from 1790-1861 --September 1984
II --An Economic History of the Civil War --
1st --The Confederacy --October 1984
2nd --The Union --January 1985
The Agrarian Revolt --October 1985
Usury --June 1985
Banking and Repentance --June 1986
Baptist --Thoughts on the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship--July 1991
Beauty Aids --April 1984
“Beer Belongs” –July/Aug/Sept 2002
"Beer is Famous" by Evangelist Harold S. Leake --May 95
Bequeathal –Final Issue 2003
Bethlehem--Dec. 1974
Bible - -
The Parentage of the Bible --
Part I --Aug 2_1974
II --Sept. 1974
III--Sept 2_1974
IV--Oct. 1974
V--Nov. 1974
VI--Nov 2_1974
VII--Dec. 1974
VIII--Dec. 2_1974
IX--Jan. 1975
X --Jan 2_1975
XI--Feb. 1975
XII--Mar. 2_1975
XIII--Apr. 1975
Bible Study --June 1977
How To Read The Bible --Dec. 1983
Carnal Interpretations --July 1978
Gen. 18:3-5 --An excerpt from Frank Hutto's Sunday School at the Pilgrim's Bible Church --
The Destruction of the Temple; the Coming of Christ, and The End of the World --Dec. 1995
Bible Translations --
Some Problems with Bible Translations by Grady Daniel. Jr.-Oct. 93 / Nov. 93 / Dec. 93
The New International Version: The Bible of The Sodomites (The Perilous Times)-- Oct. 93
My "Two Cents" on Modern Bible Versions --T.D.F, Jr. --Apr. 97
"An Urgent Message to the Churches of America From The Persecuted Church In Russia" --Bill Gothard (1991) -- June 94
“Jehovah's Witnesses" and "Fundamentalists," deceitfully handling the Word of God --T.D.F, Jr. --         July-Sept. 99
“Holy Bible?" –T.D.F, Jr. --Jan.-Mar. 99
Did Our Inspired Bible Expire? --By Herb Evans --Apr./May. /Jun. 99
"The Word of God answers Modern Religion's Ideas Concerning Salvation" --Compiled by Rev. Wylie Fulton --May 97
"Unjust publicans" --T.D.F, Jr. June/July 97
"Learn Not the Way of the Heathen" --T.D.F, Jr.--Jan. 98
"My Plea For The Old Sword" -Dr. Ian R, K, Paisley, Belfast-Ambassador, 97--May/June 98
Multiple Choice for Bible Correctors by Herb Evans--Jan/Feb/Mar 2000
In Defense of I John 5:7 –By R.L.Dabney –Jul./Aug./Sep. 2000
Renouncing the NASB (Frank Logsdon, Co-Chairman) –Jul./Aug./Sep. 2000
Phileo vs. Agapao: Greek Nuggets or Fool’s Gold? –By Herb Evans --Jul./Aug./Sep. 2000
Easter in the KJB –By Herb Evans –Jul./Aug./Sep. 2000
Open Book Test –By Herb Evans –Jul./Aug./Sep. 2000
A Solemn Warning (Charles Spurgeon)–Jul./Aug./Sep. 2000
New Bible Versions and the Growing Pornographic Industry –By Joey Faust –Apr./May/Jun. 2001
The Heresy of Exalting the Originals above the Copies –T.D.F, Jr. –Jul./Aug./Sep. 2002
“From the Mind of God to the Mind of Man” –A critique of the Philosophy of the book –T.D.F, Jr. –          Final Issue 2003
Identifying the Dean Burgeon Society –By Raymond Blanton –Final Issue 2003
“Birds of a Feather” –Jul./Aug./Sep. 2002
Bob Jones University --Excerpts from the Classrooms --T.D.F, Jr.
Part I --July/Aug. 98
Part II --Sept./Oct. 98
Part III, -Nov./Dec 98
Correction --Jan.-Mar. 99
Update On World War III (of BJU) -Apr./May. /Jun. 99
A Mission Trip (to Bob Jones University), -Apr.-June 99
A Report on the Mission Trip to the World Congress of Fundamentalism -- Jul/Aug/Sep 99
BJU Continues Their Swift and Unapologetic Decline -- Jan./Feb./Mar. 2000
Body, For the Lord, the --May 94
Books --
Guide To The Value of a Book (R. Baxter) --Sept_2 1977
On Reading (Baxter) --Nov. 1977
Advice (Baxter) --Oct_2 1977
On Reading and Writing --July 1982
How To Read The Bible --Dec. 1983
It Pays To Read -Mar. 1974