Happiness --The Inventions of. -Mar. 88
Harlotry --Things Becoming A Harlot --May 1978
Harper Bible Institute --
Sept. 1974
Oct. 1974
Harvard University --"How Have the Mighty Fallen" --
Part I --Sept_2_ 1976
II --Oct. 1976
IV --Nov. 1976
Head Coverings: -- TDF, Jr. --Feb. 98
Head Coverings, and Still More Uncovered May/June 98
Hell --How You Can Escape the Damnation of Hell --Feb_2_1980

Help --"Lend A Hand" --Aug 1977
Heresy at Landmark Baptist Church --Apr. 1978
Higher Criticism -- (See: "Liberalism")
The Authenticity of the Last 12 Verses of the Gospel of Mark --
Part I --Aug. 1983
II --Sept. 1983
III--Oct. 1983
History, -

History--the Myth of Objectivity-- July/Aug 96
The Significance of History –May –June 98/ March 1990
The Difference between the American and The French
Revolution --Apr. 92
"Sheriff, Discharge Those Men" --Apr. 87 / Jan.-Mar. 99
The Great Revival. -Dec. 89
Davy, Crockett, and The Constitution --Feb. 90.
A philosophy of History-- Mar. 92
History Heretics-- Dec. 92
Civilization and The Protestant Reformation --Mar 95

Destruction of the Indestructible Armada, Nov 29, 1588-- Nov 1981
America's Founding Fathers: Biblical or Philosophical?
--Aug. 95
Letter to William Sprague of 1792 Revival --Jan. 96
Sam Jones, Methodist Evangelist, to Augusta, Ga. --Oct./Nov. 96

St. Bartholomew Day Massacre, Aug 24, 1572--Aug 15, 1978
Holiness --Personal Holiness --Jun. 1982
Home -- (See: "Marriage")
On Domestic Violence --Apr. 96
The Sanctity of the home --
Part I --Jan. 1978
II --Jan_2_1978
Huguenots --Sept. 2, 1565 --Georgia/Florida --Sept. 1978
Hunting On --Mar. 92
Husbandry-- Francis Quarles-- Jan 1976

Hybrids: A Perversion of God's Created Order --Oct./Nov. 96
Hybridization --Mar. 1984
Hypocrisy --Aug. 1977
The Hypocrite And His Hope –Aug. 83
Hypocrisy, Parental and Societal--June-96