Jehoshaphat --May 1986
Jehovah --Apr. 1981
Jesus --("The Beloved Son Who Sits in the Bosom of the
Father...") --Nov. 1976
Jews, The,
Their Identity and Their Curse --
Part I --Aug. 91
Part II. -Sept. 91
Part III --Oct. 91
“A Word About ‘God’s Chosen People’” –By TDF, Jr. –Apr./ May/Jun. 2001
Judgment --
The Worst Judgment God Can Bring Upon People This Side of Hell --Nov. 1984
Judicial Blindness --Feb. 1984
The Time of Visitation --Oct. 94
Judson, Anna (Fellows) --Dec_2_1976
Just Suppose (God did not save any one for the next 20 years) –TDF, Jr. –Jul./Aug./Sep. 2000