Deacon --

The Office of --
Part One: The Origin of The Office --May 88
Part Two: The Nature of The Office --June 88
       Part Three: The Requirements of the Office. -- July 88

Part Four: The Duties of The Office --Aug. 88
Death –

The Care of the Dead: Burial vs. Cremation-- March 1989
Its Appointment and Its Consequences --Feb. 1982
"If I Should Die Before I Wake" --What I Will wish I Had Done --June 95
"What a Place to Die!" -- Feb. 98
On The Preparation for Death --Aug. 92
Deborah, The Prophetess --Mar. 93
Decadence, and The Fine Arts; or Beauty Amid Ashes --Feb. 93
"Denomination Becomes Corrupt" by Dr. Ed. Panosian, -Church History, Professor at Bob Jones University-- May/June 98
Depravity --
(Wesley on) --Mar. 1984
(Trapp on) --Mar. 1984
Despair of the Deliberately Damned --Jun. 1974
Despising The Day of Small Things --July 90
To Destroy A Nation --Apr. 1985
Discernment --Sept. 95
Discipleship --
"Must You Live?" (Havner) --Nov_2_1978
Six Characteristics of a True Disciple --Nov. 1980
Discipline –
Jan. 1975
Feb. 1975
Discipline: Its Purpose --Nov_2_1975
Parents --Jan. 1983
Reason and Restraint --Jan_2_1979
"The Lord Knows" --Mar_2_1979
Discipline and Care: Conflict In Love --Aug. 90
Church discipline: an evidence of Love –by Pastor Gilbert W. Rugh, Ph.D. – Jan.-June 2002
"Times are Dismal, Dreadful, Doleful, Dolorous and Dollar-less" --Jan. 1983
Divination --Cultivation and Divination -- Apr.1984
Divorce –
May 1982
Divorce and Remarriage --Sept. 93
The Superiority of Christianity over the Religions of the World-- Feb. 94
The Godly Doctrine of Division --Apr./May 93
What Is "Salvation" by Dr. James Dobson --Nov. 94
The Ability To Fail: Doctrine Little Known --Aug. 95
Propitiation --Sept. 95
The Universal Priesthood of the Believer -- Feb. 96
Why Governments Hate Christianity --Mar. 96
"Truth Is Fallen In The Street" --Is. 59:14 --Sept. 96
Fifteen Reasons Why God Is Just to Damn Sinners --Oct./Nov. 96
"The Free Gift" --Rom. 6:23 by TDF, Jr., Jan. 97
A Cult, Differences and Distinctions Between, and True-Religion (TDF, Jr.) --Jan./Feb./Mar. 2000
Limited Atonement, David Cloud/TDF, Jr. -- Nov 97 / Dec 97
Antimony, Taken from "Journey Magazine" Dec. 97, Vol. II, Issue 12 --Feb. 98
Is The Holy Spirit An "IT"? --By Joey Faust, --July, Sept. 99
Dort, Council of --Nov_2_ 1974
Dress --
Christian Apparel (De Haan) --Aug. 1978
Unisex Clothing by Herb Evans --Jan.-Mar. 2000