Calling and Election --June 1977
The Call of God --Aug_2_1977
Care-lessness --Mar. 1984
Cain --The Religion of Cain --Nov. 1983
Carnality --
The Cinnamon Tree --Aug. 1984
Leanness of Soul --Dec. 1984
What Is Wrong with Reading Pornography, Viewing Certain Television Programs --Dec_2_1977
Catholicism --
Roman Catholicism --May 1985
Sir Thomas Moore and Erasmus --Jan. 1979
The Development of Roman Catholicism --Jan 1991 ;Feb. 1991
An Epilogue Mar. 91
Calvinism --
The Decrees of God --Oct./Nov./Dec. 88
Carey, William --"A Time for Sackcloth" --Feb. 88
Catacombs --Lessons from the Catacombs by David O. Beale --Dec. 96
Charismata --
The Charismatic Heresy --Mar. 1981
Heresy At Landmark Baptist Church --Apr. 1978
Divine Health --Mar.1983
On Being Filled with the Spirit: True and False Evidences --Dec. 1983
A Word of Knowledge --Apr. 1986
Charismatic Religion --Apr. 92
Of Continuing Revelation--Sept. 89

"If I Be Asked..." (Adam Clarke on Laying Up) --Jan 82
Child Abuse (caption) --Dec. 1980
Our Solemn Responsibility to Teach Our Children--July_2_1976
Our Solemn Responsibility to Teach Our Children Doctrine--Aug. 1976
The Importance of Catechizing --Nov. 1976
"For Mature Audiences Only” --Apr. 1983
They Want Your Children --Nov. 1978
The Iniquities of the Fathers Visited upon Their Children--Feb. 1987
The Discipline of Children --June 90
Why Christians Lose Their Children --June 91
Children Who Die In Infancy --June 94
Children: The Heritage of the Lord, -Apr. 95
The Burden of Children –T.D.F., Jr. Apr./May/Jun. 2001
The Divinity of Christ --Sept. 1981
The Lordship of Christ --July 1983
The Preciousness of Christ --Mar_2_1978
The Loveliness of Christ --Dec. 1981
What Christ Has Done For My Soul --Aug. 1974
The Design of the Death of Christ –
Part I --Feb_2_1977
II --Mar. 1977
The Eternal Sonship of Christ --Oct. 89
Christ, More Than an Example --Jan. 93
The Preciousness of Christ --Sept. 95
Christian Liberty --The Bondage of Christian liberty--June 1981
Christian Life --
Externals --Sept. 1982
The Spirit-Filled Life --May 1986
Christianity: Its Blessings, and Their Loss --Oct/Nov/Dec. 99
Christmas –
Christmas Facts --Dec_2_1974
Christmas: Would Society Be Better Off If It Were Banned? --Mar. 91
How Christmas Has Changed The World by Stephen Crotts --(World, Asheville, N.C.) --Dec. 96
Christmas, Again --TDF. Jr. --Dec. 97
A Chronology --A Study in Chronology --Jul./ Aug./Sept. 1985
Church --
(Zwingli on the Church) --June 1978
The Church of the Living God --Feb. 1978
A Society of Brethren --Oct. 75
The Communion of Saints --Aug_2_1975
The Church Covenant --Oct. 1983
Church Discipline --Jul. 1986
Church discipline: an evidence of Love –by Pastor Gilbert W. Rugh, Ph.D. –Jan-Jun-2002
The Absolute Necessity of Public Worship --Feb. 1985
Spiritual Rulers: Their Treatment and Their Accountability --May 81
Too Many Ministers --Feb. 1983
Sheep Vs The Shepherd -- Oct. 1977
The World and the Church (Spurgeon) --  Dec. 1978
The Nauseous State of present-day Christianity --June 1983
Recreation, Entertainment Amusement and the Ministry Of the Church --Aug. 1984 and May 96
How We Got Where We Are At --Jan. 1982
They Will Rise Up in Judgment Against This Generation --October 1985
Shame --October 1985
The State vs. The Church --Feb 1979
How to Start an Unregistered Church --May 1985
"If After Kirk, Ye Abide A Wee ..." --Mar. 1982
The Church Letter --Apr. 1987
The Church: A Business, or A Ministry? -- Aug. 89
The Church: Her Purpose and Duty --Nov. 93
"Singles" and The Church --Sept. 93
The Drift of The Times-Sound The Alarm by Charles Haddon Spurgeon (His statement written in 1888 explaining why he left the compromising London Baptist Association.) --Dec. 93 and, Jan. 94
A Tale of Two Sisters, or The Tragedy of Ecumenical Unfaithfulness --Jan. 94
The Bible on Christian Unity, -Sept. 96
"A Question Answered Both Ways ", by T.D.F, Jr. --Feb./Mar. 97
The True Church by J.C. Ryle --Apr. 97 and May 97
Church and State, and the Separation of-- June 87
City, A: Its Unbelief, and Its Judgment -- Nov. 89
Clothing –
Christian Apparel (De Haan) --Aug. 1978
Unisex Clothing by Herb Evans --Jan.-Mar. 2000
The Coliseum --Apr. 1982
Columbus, Christopher-- ("Encyclopedias")--Jul. 1977
Conscience --Nov. 1985
"Thou Shalt Love Thy Neighbor As thyself --Dec. 87
Communion –
False Teeth and Holy Communion --Sept. 93
Cup of Devils, or Cup of Blessing? --Herb Evans--Jan./Feb./Mar. 2000
Controversy –
Controversy Necessary (Ryle} --Apr 1979
Controversy: Then, and Now --Written in Oct. 1887 --By C.H Spurgeon in “The Sword and The Trowel”, revised by T.D.F, Jr. –Oct./Nov./Dec. 99
Copyright Debate, The –Mar. 94
Counselors --
Christian Counselors and Their Unchristian Counsel--Mar. 87
"A Partial Listing of the Vocabulary of The New ‘Christian Counselor’” –by T.D.F, Jr. --Jan. 98
Convictions --On Forcing Convictions --Aug_2_1975
Court -- The International Court -Apr. 96
Creation --
Part I --May_2_1978
II --Jun. 1978
III --Jun_2_1978
"I am Fearfully And Wonderfully Made" --May 1983
“How Excellent Is Thy Name, 0 Lord" -- Aug.1986
Part I –Mar. 1980
II --Mar_2_1980
Evolution vs. Creation --Apr./May 91
Creed --"I Cannot But Think" (Matthew Henry)--Sept_2_1978
Cult, Differences and Distinctions Between, and True Religion (T.D.F, Jr.)  --Jan./Feb./Mar. 2000
Cultivation --
Cultivation and Divination --Apr. 1984
Cultivation of Christian Families --Apr. 1984
Current Events --Aug_2 1974