At 14 William Shakespeare began his career. At 13 Longfellow wrote his first poem. Robert Browning produced his Paracelsus while in his teens. At 17 Alexander Hamilton launched his career as a statesman. The Raven was written by Edgar Allen Poe at 24. Alexander the Great had conquered the world at 23 and Columbus was 28 when he announced his plans to find India. John Smith staked out a colonial empire in Virginia at 27. Martin Luther started reformation at 30 and John Calvin, founder of the Presbyterian Church, entered the pastorate at 17. Spurgeon at 20 was pastor of the famous London Tabernacle. Joan of Arc was an all-time heroine at 19. Patrick Henry cried, "Give me Liberty, or give me death," at 27. Jesus was 30 when he preached "The Sermon on the Mount," and soon thereafter, with his pierced hands, lifted the Roman Empire off its hinges "Remember now thy creator in the days of thy youth." Ecclesiastes 12:1