The Marriage Ring

by John Angell James


      This little volume, intended as a manual for those just entering the marriage state, is selected, principally, from the works of an author beloved and esteemed for his many practical writings, and who has very justly remarked:

"It is an unquestionable truth, that if a man be not happy at home, he cannot be happy anywhere; and he who is happy there need be miserable nowhere. `It is the place of all the world I love most,' said the interesting author of the Task, when speaking of home. And he may be felicitated who can say the same. Any attempt, however feeble, to render the domestic circle, what it ever should be, a scene of comfort, is at least benevolent. The secret of happiness lies folded up in the leaves of the Bible, and is carried in the bosom of Religion. The author knows of no other way to felicity, and therefore does not profess to teach any other. Let the two parties in wedded life, be believers in Christ Jesus, and partake themselves of the peace that passeth understanding; let them, when they become a father and a mother, bring up their children in the fear of God; and if happiness is to be found upon earth, it will be enjoyed within the hallowed circle of a family, thus united by love, and sanctified by grace."

     Most of the works published on this subject have been of a light and trifling characteróbut the compiler of this volume has aimed to present such a work as might be deemed a suitable offering from the hand of a Pastor or a Christian Friend.


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