A Cult vs. True Religion

A cult is designed and controlled by man’s wisdom;
            True religion is defined and governed by God’s Word.

A cult requires blind loyalty and allegiance from its members;
           True believers are autonomous and free to disagree by conviction.

A cult is secretive, mysterious and obscure;
           True believers are open, plain and bold.

A cult keeps its members at various levels of ignorance;
          True believers are set free by the knowledge of the truth.

A cult leader must define his followers’ beliefs;
          True believers can give an answer of their own faith.

A cult must guard its members from strangers;
          True believers can speak with the enemies in the gate.

A cult holds its members by fear;
           True religion keeps its members by love.

A cult must measure its success by its number of followers;
           True believers are successful no matter how few.

A cult has a date of founding and no promise of lasting;
          True religion began with time and will last throughout eternity.

A cult reforms the natural man;
           True religion transforms into a new creature.

A cult cannot tolerate truth;
           True religion cannot tolerate error.

A cult carries as much authority as another cult;
           True religion must reign supremely alone.

A cult will satisfy the devil -- any cult will do;
          True religion infuriates the devil and all his cults, too.