Masters 2012


   "For years my dad used many different means to get out the Gospel. Preaching and teaching were not confined to a physical church building or facility, but 'Freedom of the Press' was greatly employed sometimes making my dad one of the number one letters-to-the-editor writers in the area. Dad believed in the power of the Word of God, and that the preaching of the Gospel would not return void, whether by pulpit, classroom, tract, airwave or even pasted on the back of an automobile.... It was just three months after his death that I began a ministry, inspired by my dad, of reaching the great crowds that gather every year in Augusta for the Masters Golf Tournament.... 'the most exclusive sporting event in the world'...."

"This ministry has cost us thousands of dollars over the last six years, but we have reached millions of people with the Word, which God has promised shall not return void. Fuel alone was about $500 last year, and we didn't have enough to drive around the final day.

"Last year we focused on quotes from founding fathers of America. This year, we intend, Lord willing, to warn of God's judgment on the wicked, using Scripture verses....

"The Fields are ripe and laborers are so few,

Timothy Fellows Jr

signs of the times