The purpose of an education is not to teach a man how to make money: the purpose of education is to make a man a better man.J. F., April 13, 1994

      An instructor's ability to teach is measured by his ability to take difficult material and to communicate it in a manner that can be understood; and an instructor is useless to the degree that he cannot express himself in a manner that can be understood.J. M., November 2, 1992

     The great goal of the Devil is to neutralize truth. One way he accomplishes this is by mixing truth with error. Such a mixture becomes 10 times more lethal than unadulterated error.W. K. M., January 4, 1988

       Whether a person intentionally deceives people, or whether he deceives people unintentionally, it is a serious thing to lead people into error. "Be not many masters" (i.e. teachers), wrote James, "knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation" (3:1).L. H., January 4, 1988

     I am sorry for you that you have no foundation on which you can say, "This is right," but then, relativism is the judgment God brings upon everyone who rejects His Word.M. B., July 4, 1987


     The following letters are excerpts of correspondence written between 1983 and 1994. For more than 25 years, correspondence has formed a large part of this ministry. It was about 1983 that the writer's letters took a decidedly different turn to answering people's doctrinal thoughts, and offering pastoral considerations.

     Since the writer seeks to be helpful, and not to embarrass, only the initials of correspondents are used. Often a person's gender is expunged.

     Whereas the writer has written as many as 150 letters in one week, it was the repeated suggestion that the studied questions and counsel offered to one could benefit others. It is for the benefit of others that this book was written. No two persons believe exactly alike. It is therefore hoped the reader will be kind to differences in matters not essential to salvation, and will be mature enough to weigh all matters according to the truth of God as revealed in the Bible.

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