True Religion Works

There are many religions in the world today, and each claiming its own legitimacy. How is one to know truth from error? The answer is simple for honest and sincere seekers -- True religion works. Every magician has his weakness: the truth always reveals his seeming great power, ability or knowledge to have been a mere trick, a sleight of hands, or a quick hidden secret maneuver. Likewise, every false religion has its weakness -- like a magician, there's something up his sleeve -- so every false religion must be secretive, hidden, crafty, deceitful, pulling the wool over the eyes of the intrigued observers lest they find out what they thought to be power and greatness was simply a prank, and they were the greater fools for believing it.

Darkness, fear, ignorance and sorcery always go hand-in-hand, while light is the all-time exposer and revealer of truth and knowledge thereby bringing freedom and peace. Shed a little light on the subject. True religion works. It is not fabricated; it uses no mask. Like gold, it can be judged, critiqued, examined, tested, proved, tried -- and found to be exactly what it claims to be. Fool's gold, however, would resist testing if it was seeking to be passed off as real gold, because it simply cannot pass the test of being gold; it is not genuine.

Now, just because there is an abundance of fool's gold, we do not assume there is no genuine gold. Just because there are many frauds, we do not assume there is no truth. Just because there are many false religions does not mean there is no true religion. The very fact there are magicians, fabrications, and false religions is all the more evidence that there is something so real and so valuable and so enduring that it is so heavily counterfeited by frauds.

False religion resists investigation, but true religion can stand all interrogation and will remain.

If a magician successfully pulls the wool over the eyes of a million observers, does that mean he has real power, knowledge and greatness? Or does it rather mean his followers are not wise to his clever tricks, and are to some degree his fools? History testifies that millions of people can be deceived. The Bible bears witness that the devil has deceived the entire world. The Devil is the master trickster and deceiver and fraud. He is called a dragon and a liar, but he can appear as an angel of light. It is only by the light of God's Word that mankind can be freed from the tricks of the Devil who uses all religions as he pleases to keep the people under his spell, his power and his control.

"And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."

True religion works. It is not reserved for one day of the week, or one building in town, but it influences every aspect of life --Political, Economical, Social, Intellectual, Aesthetic, Technological And false religion harms all these areas of life. Religion always sits on top and governs what's underneath. When a society is governed by false religion, it suffers in politics, economics, society, learning, arts and technology.

True Religion is reasonable. It can be argued and defended. It is absolute and unchanging. When Martin Luther in 1517 was willing to debate the entire Roman Catholic Church which held the world in its power; it was the truth that overcame the bondage Rome held over the world. He shined the light and the Dark Ages went away. One of his "95 Theses" which he derived asked if the Pope had the power to free anyone from purgatory, why not free them all? What could they say? The world began to see what wool was pulled over their eyes for so long, because the truth came into the picture. True religion is reasonable and exposes everything for what it is.

True religion sets free all who believe it. John Bunyan has written, "Stone walls do not a prison make nor iron bars a cage." A person with true religion is free, not matter what circumstances he is presently in -- whether sickness, war, imprisonment or danger. Find the religion that has set more people free and done more good and help to individuals, families, governments, states, etc. and you will find the one that works. What religion liberates from bondage, ignorance, poverty, sin, death and ruin? What religion has a track record of success and blessing?

It is important to note that the greatness of America was due to her religion and nothing else. It was Christianity -- genuine Christianity -- that caused America to become the greatest nation of the world. It is now the rejection of true religion and the acceptance of false religions that is causing America to sink in all areas -- Political, Economical, Social, Intellectual, Aesthetic, Technological. When a society rejects the way, the truth and the life, it can only deteriorate, corrupt and die. The public school setting is a perfect picture of this to all honest observers.

What false religion has ever produced the Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Assembly? Has any Muslim nation? What false religion can boast of an Alexander Graham Bell, or Handel, or Newton, or Bach, or Pasteur? A study of great inventors and achievers and musicians always points to the influence of Christianity, because true religion works.

The History of Civilization is the History of Western Civilization. There is no real history in the East until the West brought the influence of Christianity. There was no development or improvement in areas or jungles around the world until the influence of Christianity reached them. Education and learning and technological improvements all flourish under the influence of Christianity and wane when it is removed. The American Indians did not have an industrial revolution, Reformation, advancement in technology, etc. They were savages because they were destitute of true religion. It is important that the first Bible printed in this country was in an Indian dialect -- true missionaries always bring the first ray of help to those living under the bondage of false religion.

At one time, all men everywhere knew the truth. The Bible, God's word, tells us of a universal flood which covered the world about 4000 years ago. Only eight people on the Ark were saved, and the Bible says, by them was the whole earth overspread. At that time all people on earth knew the truth, but as they spread abroad populating the world, they began to lose and forget and corrupt the knowledge of the truth they once had. All false religions of the world today are mere corruptions of the truth men once knew.

True religion has existed from the beginning of time and shall last to the end of time. The God who created Adam of the dust of the ground and told him what to believe is the God of Abraham, and Moses and David and Paul and genuine Christians today. Jesus was not the latest new religion. He was and continues to be the only religion. He said, "Abraham rejoiced to see my day." Ishmael did not retain the religion of his father Abraham, but became as the prophecy stated, "he shall be a wild man." The Arabs have been a wild people since their father Ishmael. They have rejected the faith of Abraham as have their brethren the Jews, who also reject Jesus, and it is no wonder their religion does not work. They are a cruel, merciless, people who conquer by sword and threats and fear and blood. Christianity is so much greater able to do more with one pen of truth than a thousand swords of fright. The pen is still mightier than the sword. Try using the pen in a Muslim state and see if you don't get the sword. They are at enmity with the Word, because the Word brings freedom life and liberty from their bondage and oppression.

Christianity conquers by the power of truth and liberates the soul. Islam must use the sword and force its converts. See how Christianity is so much better, bringing peace, joy, happiness, love, hope and contentment. These concepts are foreign to Islam and all false religions because false religions are not genuine. Only true religion works.

God has revealed what we are to believe and how we are to live in His Word, The Bible. It is only to be expected that the devil would do what magic he could to produce as many corruptions, imitations, confusions as possible to blur people from knowing what is the correct Bible. He has produced his own multiple Bibles to trick the masses, but Jesus assures, My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me, and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hands. God's true children will be persuaded by and able to identify true religion.

It is only to be expected that the devil would fabricate Christianity and produce his own counterfeit versions. How do we know who is really a Christian and who is a fraud? Yea, let God be true, but every man a liar. True religion works. The reason most Christianity of today is such a mockery and failing misery, is because it simply is not true, but is a fabrication from the devil.

When churches claim to want to save the world, but have the same statistics as the world, it is evident something is wrong with their religion -- where is the power? When churches claim to want to change the world, but change with the world and pattern themselves after the world, they reveal no other power but that received from the world. So, who needs such a church to escape from this world?

God gives one of the requirements for a Pastor that he must be able to rule well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity. Now, when modern day professing preachers claim to be of God, but have children who are themselves a disgrace to Christianity, they give greater evidence of being the devil's magicians who have merely managed to trick their followers, than true servants of the living God. If a man can't persuade his own family to embrace his religion, how does he think he shall persuade others who spend less time with him? Only by the latest magic. The Bible promises, Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it -- That's a religion with power -- that religion works.

The Bible says in many places that in the last days there shall be a multitude of magicians who will use Christianity for their own sinful motives. They will use trickery, deceit, fabrication and subtle twisting of Scripture to keep in bondage their simple followers. Many shall be deceived and err because they know not the Scriptures nor the power of God.

True religion is not determined or measured by popular opinion. One man who knows the truth is better off than a million deceived followers of the latest, greatest magician yet. The Bible says that deceiver is yet to come -- the Antichrist -- and all the world shall worship him, except for those few whose names God has already written in the Book of Life.

Are you deceived? Have you been too long enamored by religious magicians? Can you even tell who the magicians are? Do you have the light of God's word directing your way and the Spirit of God bearing witness to the truth? Do you know the truth? Are you free? Turn back to the Bible; Turn back to real Christianity; Turn back to God's only way of salvation from sin and death and hell, and you will find that --

True Religion Works.